Harmony House has diverse, flexible, and meaningful opportunities for those
interested in volunteering their time and unique talents toward meeting the needs
of children and adults traumatized by abuse and assault. All volunteers receive
comprehensive training. Volunteers are a welcomed and appreciated part of the
Harmony House team.

All volunteers at the Center are screened through criminal back ground check.
Once approved, our volunteers are given a variety of responsibilities to ensure
the day-to-day operations of the Center are performed smoothly. Skills and interests
of volunteers will be considered in all assignments. This list may be updated as
necessary and is not all inclusive.


General Center Maintenance:
Includes, but not limited to, general center cleanup duties, restocking snacks and drinks for  children, making sure waiting area is clean with all toys put in their proper place, etc.

Assisting Staff:
You may be asked to assist office staff with their duties including, but not limited to, make phone calls, send faxes,  make copies, restocking brochures, putting together information folders, etc.

Clerical Support:
Includes filing duties, answering phones, greeting clients, preparation / distribution of flyers, and announcements, etc.

Volunteers are always needed during fundraising events in various areas.

Childcare during caregiver support group and Nurturing Parenting sessions.

Volunteers can assist in helping with archiving information, newsletter development and assist with community outreach  opportunities.

Harmony House also offers unique opportunities to college students for Internship Opportunities. Learning “on the job” skills as well as observing day to day operations of those who work in social work, psychology, law enforcement and the judicial system. The same screening process and training is required of these students. Harmony House will provide hands on learning as well as provide opportunities for the requirements of classroom studies during Internship.